c o n t a c t
w o r k

give me words...
and i ll give you
art back

Myrto Voyatzi

High perception over clients needs + market's trends, constitute strong assets. Accurate comprehension, interpretation + extensive research are valuable tools in meeting the desirable goals of success for any given project.

With strong belief in persistence , details and aesthetics, client is always in the center of the design process, having active + essential participation in it.


MEETing the client defines the project's success, as key info around client's identity + goals are gathered,in order for the RESEARCH conducted, to be accurate + effective. Collecting data, images + trends of the industry, numerous draft SKETCHes are designed, using research's outcomes and lots of inspiration. Then is when ideas, images + goals are interpreted + formed into integrated visual CONCEPTs + strategy implementation,which are PRESENTed to the client explaining the rationale behind each + how the goals are met. While the concept is chosen, it will be REVISEd for as long is needed, in order to reach the unique point of excellence. Arriving to the end, all files + guidelines, are DELIVERed to the client. Smiles, Satisfaction and Success are LAUNCHed.


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.

-Scott Adams

fields of expertise

BRANDING Logo Design, Verbal Identity, Brand Manual ...

VISUAL IDENTITY Letterheads, Business Cards, Envelopes, Corporate Collaterals ...

PRINT + PUBLISHING Catalogues, Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Billboards, Invitations ...

EDITORIAL Magazine, Book, Corporate Albums ...

DIGITAL Mailing, Newsletters, Web, Social Media, eCards, eBrochures, Banners, Ads ...

GRAPHIC DESIGN Infographics, Typography, Packaging, Icons ...

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